Good news and bad news

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I.                   Good news: US–Iran Agreement

immediately repudiated by Republicans, incited by Netanyahu.

Obama, increasingly renowned every day,  has managed to pass from the "axis of evil” to consensus.

Netanyahu, is increasingly discredited. The country that he represents, has done everything possible, like the Republican Party of the United States, in order that Iran followed the Iraq steps. Being stubborn and pretentious, they have weakened the United Nations System, promoted the relocation of production at worldwide level and, through neoliberal globalization, have substituted the ethical values ​​by stock markets and have increased social inequalities. Their influence in Europe, with the German leadership, has led to an EU lacking democratic principles, with money as the only reference.

It is excellent news, therefore, the radical change of policy -from the raised hand to the outstretch hand- President Obama has achieved in the Middle East.

II. Bad news: the markets ignore the outcry of the Greek people.
Neoliberalism imposed by Germany to an insignificant european monetary Union has led again to Greece and many other countries of the region to be obedient and submissive. Against the opinion and proceeding of President Obama and the important opinions of Paul Krugman, Joseph Stiglitz, Joaquín Estefania ...  only the German voice has been imposed, which is quite alarming. What has done the European social democracy?

 We live in times that require, due to the potential irreversibility of many social and environmental processes, fast and imaginative actions.

A quick turnaround is urgent not to be responsible towards the future generations that are coming one step away from ours.

It is expected that European democrats will show another attitude concerning the treatment given to Greece. Otherwise the European Union as a whole could be affected by a progressive popular thoughtlessness.