“There is no money for Nepal"

Friday, July 17, 2015

This is the title of the shameful news that "El País" of July 16 mentions extensively.

From the 4,570 million Euros needed (and promised) for the reconstruction of a country devastated by earthquakes three months ago... only 92 have been paid!

The lack of solidarity from the world of G6, G7, G8... G20 is obvious. We should demand, through a popular outcry, that the failed governance of plutocratic groups quickly be replaced by an effective United Nations that neoliberalism marginalized.

It cannot be possible that we are paying "debts" that we do not know who contracted them or why, when millions of human beings who have suffered the effects of a natural disaster are so needy; it cannot be possible that every day are spent 3 billion dollars on weapons and military expenditures... and abandonment and neglect of those who die in extreme poverty remain.

The refoundation of the United Nations is urgent in order to be able to act with great promptness and moral authority.

President Obama has just demonstrated that the word, diplomacy, is the proper alternative to confrontation and war.

In this way there would be money for Nepal!