Davos? Darfur!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What really bothers me is that Davos is commencing and Darfur continues…

And we continue to only concern ourselves with problems that affect 20% of the wealthiest part of humanity, ignoring the other 80% who survive in conditions so precarious that they often die of hunger and neglect. I will never tire of repeating that over 60,000 people, 35,000 of whom are children between 1 and 5 years old, die daily while in the same period 4,000 million dollars are invested in weapons and military spending.

Agreeing to replace democratic principles with the rules of the market was a tremendous mistake. We are now experiencing the last throes of speculation, delocalization, arms security… and the insistence of a few wealthy countries that they should decide the destiny of all of the world’s 196 countries.

I’m not at all interested in Davos. What concerns me is Darfur and everything that affects those who, being equal in dignity, are equally deserving of the attention that we are denying them.

Only the re-founding of an efficient United Nations and a re-embracing the ethical values, social justice, freedom and solidarity in our daily lives will enable us to travel brighter roads in the future. These are the solutions, and not those that will be discussed during the next few days at Davos.