“Reiterating Support for Judge Garzón”

Monday, January 23, 2012

On several occasions ("Garzón, World Judge", "The Criminal Court Awaits Garzón"...) I have already expressed my wholehearted support for Judge Garzón and for all of those who seek to clarify what happened, so that together we can serenely write that different future of which we all dream.

Only with the most complete knowledge possible of our history can we make the great changes and transitions that our present system urgently demands.

It is regrettable that there are still those who cling to their long-standing privileges and insist that many events should remain unknown and unpunished.

Knowledge is an essential right so that the outrages that they are now seeking to hide cannot be repeated.

Moreover, Judge Garzón has increased the reach of justice worldwide. And for that, support for him should be both local and international.