Safeguard Democracy!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

“We won’t allow the post-neoliberal era to become the post-democracy era” (President Dilma Rousseff, January, 2012).

The local and global solution is to perfect democracy so it reflects the will of the people at all times. For the first time in history distance participation is now possible, thanks to modern communications technology. Let’s use it. Let’s join together with thousands, millions of voices to urge “formal” democracies to change their ways, while strengthening genuine democracy that permanently takes into account the citizens it represents.

The situation is particularly alarming, especially in the “old Europe”, where the markets are dictating political policy to the extent of having appointed governments without elections in “symbolic countries” such as Greece and Italy.

In other cases the absolute power of parliamentary majorities sometimes seriously perverts the democratic process.

Democracy is in danger. Let’s take President Dilma Rousseff’s advice!

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Larry Seaquist said...

Federico, I like the direction of your thinking. As one of the alumni of the "Venice Deliberations" who is now an elected member of our parliament (legislature), I'd like to explore how we can advance your insights.
Larry Seaquist

March 6, 2012 at 10:31 PM