The Bloody Routes of Drug Trafficking

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

As long as it continues to be a lucrative business, force will never be a solution. Because they can silence many voices, because the can kill without the least remorse, because they can buy so many weapons and favors, because they can hide and launder their illicit earnings in tax havens…

The price of drugs has no deterrent effect whatsoever. Those who fall into the immense trap of addiction will find the money they need at all cost: conflicts with family, friends, theft… Their excruciating habit can’t be cured with military operations but rather through appropriate medical treatment. This is a public health problem, not a security one. But the United States persists in restricting the offer without restricting the demand.

As with alcohol and tobacco, this matter has deep pathological repercussions, and broad campaigns must be conducted to educate potential consumers and to duly alert society, so the people will know what they are up against before commencing to use drugs. And, as with those affected by tobacco and alcohol, they should then be treated in the appropriate healthcare installations. We must appeal to the responsibility of society as a whole, because this is a drama that progressively affects us all.

If we observe what is happening in Afghanistan, the source of 90% of all heroin, in Colombia… and in the countries of the “great Latin American avenue”, such as Central America and Mexico… we will reach the conclusion that this immense and bloody network can only be dismantled by reducing drug prices.

And, once again, a United Nations that is strong and endowed with the necessary authority is essential for meeting this terrible challenge.

I wish to add my voice to those of others who like Carlos Fuentes (How many murders has Mexico sustained in the fight against drug trafficking?) wisely and knowledgeably offer their advice in this matter. But the drub barons are resisting because like Al Capone they know that if prices drop their sinister business will soon dry up.