Syria, the only solution: the United Nations as sole negotiator

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

With another example of bloodshed, for a long time now it has been urgent to re-found the multilateral system that the globalizers alienated in the 1980s by replacing it with groups of plutocrats… who have led us to disaster. How can they expect eight or twenty nations to lead the inhabitants of the earth’s other 196 countries?

A social, economic, democratic, environmental debacle… And above all, an inability to govern the world: the invasions of Kosovo and Iraq… the brutal and grisly way in which the West “resolved” the Arab spring in Libya… the lack of rules and global oversight in processes of change –and the radical resistance to change– that evidence the arbitrariness of a world off course and lacking in democratic and ethical roots or references worldwide.

Today’s headlines read: “Homs is bleeding to death for all the world to see… The opposition is seeking outside support… The Syrian National Council debates between civil war and seeking international military intervention…”

Instead of ignoring it, the United Nations system must be strengthened in two stages: 1) a first, immediate and urgent measure in which all countries would appoint a negotiator to communicate with the Syrian president and for other matters requiring solutions that cannot be postponed; and 2) proceed to re-found the United Nations system with 50% of the General Assembly representatives from the member countries and 50% appointed or elected from institutions or civil society, with the addition to the present Security Council of a Social and Economic Security Council and an Environmental Security Council.


Leaders of the G20, G8… Be courageous and responsible! Turn your attention from risk premiums and stock quotes for just one moment and take action. A strong United Nations is the only solution.