“This hungry child hurts me as a great thorn "

Monday, April 4, 2016

Miguel Hernandez in "Viento de Pueblo", "El Niño Yuntero"

When we wake up every day, we should think in the eyes of these refugee children and migrants on whom we are planting seeds of resentment and hatred. Every dawn, feel the wound of thousands of people who will die today of hunger and abandonment. Hidden murder that media does not show us as they should. Although it doesn’t look like by news, so discriminatory and disproportionate, all life is worth the same and all death also worth the same.

When we keep in mind all the hungry children as a “great thorn”, we will begin to behave in such a way that takes place the radical changes that cannot be postponed anymore. And we will no longer live with the immense burden on the conscience of consent that billions of dollars are invested every day in military and weapons expenditures ... and that fewer than a hundred people have more wealth than half of humanity ... Con-vivir (to live together), com-partir (to share)!...

The popular outcry will be irresistible when there are many who spend time to think ... and feel "the great wound".