Monday, April 25, 2016

From every point of view, it is unacceptable that all humanity should live permanently with the great sword of Damocles that thousands of nuclear devices represent and that could by cataclysms, accidentally or voluntarily, be activated and destroy at once the mystery of life and all human beings. It is irresponsible that to guarantee the hegemony of a few, the fate of many -of all! - is jeopardized.

In 1987, Gabriel García Márquez wrote: “...the growing suspicion that it is the only place in the solar system where there has been prodigious adventure of life, we drags mercilessly us to a disheartening conclusion: the arms race runs counter intelligence. And not only of human intelligence, but of the intelligence of nature, as well, whose purpose escapes including of the clairvoyance of poetry. Since the appearance of visible life on Earth must have passed 380 million years for a butterfly learn to fly,  180 million years to make a rose with no other commitment than being beautiful, and four geological eras for beings who unlike human Pithecanthropus grandfather, were able to sing better than the birds and die of love. It is not honorable for human talent, in the golden age of science, to have conceived the way by which a multi-millennial colossal and wasteful process could return to nothingness by simply pressing a button".

We must react. Let’s stop being passive spectators. Raise our voice. Million voices –now that we can express ourselves freely- so that at once we free ourselves from this colossal threat.