Seeds of hatred, terrorism crops

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Violence, wherever it comes, must be condemned in the strongest terms by bringing the full weight of justice on the culpable. They must coordinate all intelligence services to act quickly and effectively.

And, calmly, without pause, analyze the causes to prevent further outrages.  To realise that law should get involved with diligence on the fanatics, racists and xenophobes because their behaviour is essentially against democracy.  To those who upraise -like the Republicans of the United States, Le Pen supporters in France or the German Nazis…- positions totally adverse to the exercise of human rights and ethical values, endangering safety and pressuring on violent, it is urgent to face them without delay.

Because it is clear that who sows humiliation and contempt is responsible for the harvest of animosity and hatred.

Now we see what is has led the substitution of democratic multilateralism by plutocracy, ethical values by markets, cooperation by exploitation.

Therefore, it requires a radical change of attitude in order that equal dignity of all human beings becomes a reality at a global level.

Westerners who promoted the invasion of Iraq, based on the presumption and lie, causing thousands of dead, injured and displaced five million persons; who failed to contribute to the success of the "Arab Spring", ignoring the voices of many people; who have drastically reduced development aid rather than increasing it; and have failed to receive, as appropriate and deserve, refugees and migrants; who forget the Universal Justice and basic rights when negotiate with countries characterized by the continued violation of the most basic human rights ... must now give a very big change of course with the support of an immense amount of citizens who wish to contribute to build up less somber horizons.

“We, the peoples...” must now put our everyday behavior at the forefront; rectify once and for all the daily genocide of thousands of persons dying of hunger and abandonment while 3 billion dollars are invested in weapons and military expenditures.

Changes are feasible, as those accomplished by President Obama in the case of Iran, giving a hand to Islam rather than raising it... and welcoming several million immigrants....

I insist that the only solution is a global call to harmony, ensuring that henceforth totally different attitudes are adopted.

Never justify terrorist barbarity, but should also be avoided detestable, unsupportive and exclusionary behaviour. It is necessary to rethink calmly, from the same causes, in order to take appropriate preventive and curative measures because palliative treatments result in reoccurrence.

Some time ago, I proposed the urgent call of a Special Session of the United Nations, because being all are aware of what is at stake, measures on a global level that allow the "new beginning" that the “Earth Charter” fosters are adopted. I remember again that "unprecedented solutions for unprecedented situations," are necessary, as Amin Maalouf stated.

Otherwise, we will go back to our old ways, to action and reaction, to reprisal and counter-reprisal...
Let’s go, with courage and lucidity, to change “course and ship “as José Luis Sampedro proclaimed. The voice of the people, of millions of persons, must rise now for these changes. A great mobilization on social networks is necessary. Let us not be more passive spectators. Indifference is equivalent to complicity.

Crime of silence.