Shameful lack of planning for natural disasters

Monday, April 18, 2016

We have hundreds of aircrafts ready for wars which, fortunately, do not take place ... but on which the interested doomsayers’ representatives of the immense and sinister military-industrial complex do not stop alerting. Bombers, missiles and missile shields, battleships, submarines ... colossal arsenals for potential enemies, but total lack of planning for the predictable and recurring enraged weather, for earthquakes, for tsunamis...

I have written on several occasions about the resolute disappearance of ineffective plutocratic groups imposed by neoliberalism, and the need of an urgent re-foundation of the United Nations.  One of their urgent actions would be to coordinate all appropriate devices, which should exist in all surrounding countries, to put timely the technological means in the right places in order to help effectively.

That’s enough.  We are tired of the culture of war, inertia, lack of planning and concerted action facing the important problems.

That Ecuador, so was Haiti a few years ago, so were the tsunamis in Japan and Indonesia... achieve the popular outcry –now we can express ourselves! - so that the necessary measures are adopted without delay. To convene an Extraordinary Session of the General Assembly of United Nations would be the solution to achieve it.

The force has prevailed since the beginning of time. Today, as world citizens, we demand that greatest challenges are solved by knowledge and the word.