It is a very serious error: to authorize fascist and xenophobic public protests

Monday, May 23, 2016

Any association of this kind should be forbidden. Promoters should know that if there is something essentially incompatible with democracy, human rights and equal dignity are nazism, fascism, racism and fanaticism, because they defend the prevalence of each other.

The cornerstone of coexistence is the equal dignity of all human beings, whatever their gender, age, ethnicity, ideology, belief ... those who do not accept this conceptual basis should be immediately outside the law. Zero tolerance with the intolerant.

The violence is rooted in hatred, animosity, thoughtlessness. Those who believe they are superior are not to be granted any space in a State of Justice. Remember what happened in Spain in the years 35 and 36 and in Europe in the years 38 and 39.

Only stubborn and fanatics are now a risk that we must all reject. To accept the unacceptable has caused too many victims so that now we remain indulgent with those who are not.

It is a very serious error. Another error. And another ... And silence. And people being impassive spectator. A crime of silence.