A new beginning worldwide

Monday, August 25, 2014

Three years ago, on August 13th 2011, I published an article in my blog entitled “Without delay a New Beginning Worldwide”.

The situation has worsened. Our intergenerational responsibilities have not been met. Civil victims, children killed in Gaza and Iraq, with a growing fanaticism out of control, with an economic system in "developed countries" that has increased inequalities, while resources for international cooperation were reduced, increasing the number of desperate migrants. And funding for scientific and medical research -defenceless now against diseases that were "far poorer countries"- irresponsibly reduced; UN marginalized and substituted by ridiculous and useless oligarchic groups; invariable nuclear threat "sword of Damocles" over the future of humanity as a whole; and all armed to the teeth, investing enormous resources in the most sophisticated systems of destruction, while starving thousands of people every day, mostly children aged 1-5 years old...

And “the great” institutional and personal, looking the other side.  “The     “great domain” (military, financial, energetic, media, digital) forget the ethical values exclusively looking after the stock markets.

A “new paradigm” is urgent.  It is urgent to achieve in the near future, with the participation of citizens as the new fortunately unavoidable power, sufficient mobilization to initiate a radical change, the historical turning from force to word, from a secular culture of imposition, violence and war to a culture of encounter, conversation, conciliation, peace and alliance.

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