Duty of accuracy: it is not the "Europe of austerity" ... but of the middle class, of the most humble, the Europe of the "chaos"

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The ideology of the left does not fit into the Europe of austerity, remarks "El País" on the front page (July 6, 2014). The austerity ruled by Mrs. Merk-el and the Merk-ados (markets) -who have had the audacity to appoint the governments of Greece, the cradle of democracy, and Italy without any polls- has not affected the wealthy. The number of millionaires in Europe and Spain has continued increasing since the crisis began.

“Decreased health," said an editorial in the same newspaper on July 5. And diminished education. And reduced wages....

Particularly relevant in this context is the article of Francisco G. Basterra entitled "Chaos" also published on July 5. Here are a few paragraphs: "We live in an international chaos, in the sense of confusion and disorder, from Europe to Asia to the broader Middle East" ... It grows the feeling that we have lost control of the story and in the words of analyst Ian Bremmer, we are witnessing the creative destruction of the old geopolitical order ... Beijing responds with its firm hegemony in the Asia-Pacific theater and enhances regional nationalisms, wakes Japanese militarism and creates uncertainty for the allies of Washington's defense of its commitment to
the Chinese giant”...

There is no doubt that it is necessary a great leadership to re-found the United Nations and that Europe should quickly establish a political and economic union to lead the economical one, and put the "markets" and "Merkel" in their place.

A world that effectively achieves the supreme commitment of each generation:  to think about the coming generations and that can look after the priorities: food, water, health, environment, education and peace. Due to this, it is indispensable the transition from an economy of speculation, productive delocalization and war to an economy based in knowledge, of global and human sustainable development.

It is clear that there won’t be the commercial patterns that can guide these radical changes, but the democratic principles so lucidly established in the preamble of the Constitution of UNESCO. It is obvious that there won’t be the plutocratic groups G6, G7, G8 or G20, but multilateralism that should come to the fore quickly to redirect properly the present trends.

Today we have no excuse. All we can, every day more so, to express ourselves. Strong outcries are urgent so be the citizen power and not the “great domain” of military, financial, energy and media which take the reins of the common destiny.
We must put the record straight. We must quickly remedy the current chaos. The future has yet to be written, yes. But, who if not all?