Now, It’s Time for People!

Friday, June 29, 2012

That’s how Iñaki Gabilondo concluded his acceptance speech yesterday, upon being awarded an honorary doctorate at the Menéndez Pelayo International University in Santander. 

They’ve been able to center our attention on risk premiums and stock market fluctuations… on the hounding from the markets… on debt repayment… while making budget cuts in healthcare and education. 

And people accept this because dissatisfaction with politicians has intensified and entertainment has been exaggeratedly promoted, especially sports events… 

With society distracted and the “great domain” more active than ever, it is now essential and urgent to bring people to the forefront, as protagonists and beneficiaries of increased commitment and daily action. 

“It’s time for people!” Because Iñaki Gabilondo so rightly underscored yesterday that after the West’s immense derailment –for having replaced democratic values with the rules of the market, for having alienated the United Nations in favor of groups of oligarchs- they are now attempting to “put us back on track”, but on the same rails! 

Yes: now, led by intellectuals, educators, artists, journalists, scientists… it’s time for people! 

It is inadmissible to rescue the banks while continuing to undermine the quest for a decent life for all human beings, commencing with education and healthcare!