Involving football and other sports fans in the major objectives of social change

Monday, June 11, 2012

As a sports enthusiast I have often thought that it would suffice if each “fan” of a sports or other organization –jumping for joy with his son!- would join his athletic preferences with causes such as peace, the fight against poverty or children’s diseases, etc., and through Internet donate a euro or another sum at especially joyful moments when celebrating his team’s results.

A good solution could be to associate team support with important causes that we all agree are worthy, but which have been neglected or which receive few subsidies. 

What would you think about having each fan associate his team with a good cause? For example, “Barça and peace”; “Madrid and zero poverty”; “Athletic and education”; “Betis and healthcare for children”… 

When I see so many people enthusiastically doing the “wave” to support their teams or to joyously celebrate a goal, I think about how much good that “positive energy” could do to help us change our present course, which is becoming more and more urgent each day. 

What do you think of this idea? 

Any suggestions?