G-8: Dissolution - NATO: Reform

Friday, June 1, 2012

We have just seen images of the G-8 meeting in the United States: there they were, the smiling faces of the representatives of the US, United Kingdom, Russia, Germany, Japan, Italy, Canada, France, the President of the European Union and President of the European Commission… 

Sincerely, the huge failure of the role they assigned themselves in the process of “globalization” should immediately prompt their dissolution and the strengthening of a multilateral democratic system. 

I will never tire of repeating that it is intolerable that eight countries seek to govern 196! 

Given our present loss of direction in many areas (ethical, political, economic), it would be excellent news to hear that the groups of plutocrats have disbanded and that the United Nations system has been diligently re-founded and endowed with the necessary personnel, technical and financial resources. 

In other respects, NATO met almost simultaneously in Chicago to “strengthen ties within the Alliance” and, above all, to determine the most adequate procedure for withdrawing NATO troops from Afghanistan. 

Europe must rapidly achieve total autonomy in security matters and, through the appropriate agreements, become one of the foremost “regional forces” at the disposal of the United Nations. 

It is very urgent to reduce the budget for arms and military spending in a Europe that is implementing budget cuts (and why the short deadlines for doing so, and for whom?), even in areas that are vital for ensuring a decent living such as healthcare and education, which should always be excluded from any economic “adjustment”. 

G-8, Dissolution NATO
Immediate Reform 

This is the banner that I would like to carry today through all of the streets and roads in Europe.