Mediators: In schools, businesses and factories; at the local, regional and international levels…

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A few days ago several secondary school teachers told me that student mediators are having excellent results at maintaining peace in schools, intervening to try to resolve conflicts peacefully. 

For the transition from a culture of imposition and domination to a culture of dialogue and conciliation mediators are required at all levels. 

With the experience that they progressively acquire they can become those who actually “deactivate” the use of force. 

From force to words! That is the historical change that is coming. We cannot continue to be tied to a system that invests thousands of millions of dollars daily in weapons and military spending to guarantee the security of a relatively small percentage of the world’s inhabitants, while the great majority live in the most abject poverty.

This huge injustice –that affects over 65% of mankind- will disappear together with the system that imposed it, and which is now in its last throes. 

The time for a “new beginning” of peace, dialogue and conciliation has arrived. Mediators! The existence and training of mediators is the guarantee of that new era.