The Criminal Court Awaits Garzón

Monday, May 3, 2010

How hurriedly and with what irrepressible expectation did the “ABC” newspaper publish this headline on March 26, 2010!

And it added: "The Supreme Court dismissed the judge’s appeal and cleared the way to trying him for knowingly rendering unfair judgments".

"The Madrid Superior Court of Justice of Madrid has excluded all wiretap evidence ordered by the judge in the Gürtel case".

With regard to the first subheading, it is incredible that, in the end, the judge investigating persons who disappeared during the Civil War and who commenced proceedings against certain post-war acts of the former regime... is now being prosecuted by those who represent the executioners. The prosecuting judge is being prosecuted!

And with respect to the exclusion of wiretap evidence... this is an attempt, based on legal technicalities, to erase competent evidence that is certainly inerasable.

In both cases, what is important is getting to the truth. I won’t tire of repeating that we must know what happened to ensure that some of these events are never repeated. And in true respect for the victims who have the right to personal knowledge of the truth of the events that so directly affect them, it is clear that in a genuinely democratic system legal proceedings must be conducted without obstacles or procedural maneuvers.

The Parliament can’t maintain its "dribblings" with the courts for much longer.

But I am confident. Don’t worry. If Judge Garzón is prosecuted, he will emerge unscathed.

Any other hypothesis would be inconceivable in a country that strives to perfect a system of true public liberties.