Two-Speed Justice

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I’ve noticed that in several matters of interest to the opposition or initiated by them, judges have acted with great haste (the EREs in Seville, the “Faisán” and “Campeón” cases; …; the trial of Judge Garzón (!)…), in contrast to the postponements, adjournments, measures of all sorts –when they are the suspects and hold political office…- to delay the proceedings until the statute of limitations on the judicial action has run out.

We must do away with this justice system that, in contrast to the majority of respectable judges, has others who give more importance to political affiliation than to legal rules, while citizens observe with surprise –and embarrassment in many cases- that all “conservatives” act one way, and all “progressives” the other!

We should follow one of the recommendations of the 15-M movement: the procedures for appointing judges should be changed immediately so that, after a hearing and approval from Parliament, ideology is never again placed above the law.

An independent judiciary is an essential pillar of genuine democracy.