15-M/15-O… that 99%!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I love the definition of the “outraged” in the Occupy Wall Street Movement: “We are the 99%!”. There are a few hundred “occupiers”, but a growing number of Americans are showing their overall support for the movement.

Protests or proposals? Like the 15-M movement –the global spark for the “dissenters”- these are citizens who are peacefully demanding radical changes, the reinstatement of democratic principles and, above all, equal dignity for all human beings. Everyone has the right to quality of life.

These are the “outraged” who participate and are committed. Via cyberspace they will achieve very specific successes by gathering numerous supporters for proposals that, for example, require banking institutions to prove that they do not have funds in tax havens, because otherwise they will withdraw their paychecks and savings from these “shady” institutions… Or by boycotting newspapers that commit serious offenses against the dignity of women, advertising the services of “first class” prostitutes… Or by boycotting products of companies that, for greed and irresponsibility, manufacture the majority of their goods in countries where labor is cheap, ignoring the conditions of their workers and a minimum of respect for human rights.

The “outraged” won’t accept leaders who don’t defend citizen participation, transparency, and health and education as public services.

In their demonstrations on Saturday the 13th they proclaimed that "our dreams don’t fit on your ballots", rejecting corruption and demanding a new electoral law. It’s clear that with respect to this topic they have already won and it’s unimaginable that new elections can be called under the current law, because hundreds of thousands of citizens will raise their voices in protest, either personally or in cyberspace.

Young people, the alienated, those who have remained silent for centuries now demand to be heard. Let’s hear them. Let’s listen. Together we can walk the roads of tomorrow.