The Popular Party Candidate Mariano Rajoy has stated, “My first measure will be a message of austerity to the world”

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

(“ABC”, 13 November 2011)

Doesn’t Mr. Rajoy know that over 80% of humanity already lives in such austere conditions that if he imposes this first measure, they won’t allow him to impose a second one?

For those he represents, austerity measures may be very relevant. But on a worldwide scale –since he is addressing “the world”- it’s unfair and incongruent.

If he was referring to the European economy, his measure would still be counterproductive because it is now evident than austerity measures alone will not create jobs, which is what he has announced from the rooftops that he intends to do. Who can create jobs in a western world of budget cuts and austerity? No one. And Spain even less so, due to the heavy burden of the corrupt real estate bubble that, added to the de-localization of production and financial speculation, has left a situation that cannot be mended by merely reducing the deficit and debt, but rather (and above all) requires creativity, re-localization of production and incentives for industry, especially small and mid-size businesses.

The solution lies in a democratic Europe capable of sharing, and with solidarity and leadership. Europe requires leadership that will facilitate a fiscal and economic federation, reduce military spending and rapidly create mechanisms for autonomous security to replace NATO and its demands, distancing itself from the “great domain” that is shamelessly harassing its member states. And to the point that the “rescued markets” have replaced democracy and now appoint and dismiss prime ministers.

The message that would make an impact, Mr. Rajoy, would be to announce that “Spain will contribute to the transition from an economy of speculation and war (4,000 million dollars invested daily in military spending while 70,000 people die of hunger) to an economy of sustainable global development, guided by democratic principles" (that are so clearly established in the UNESCO Constitution).

Moreover, you should convince those who are well-off to share more, applying austerity measures in their own lives, which would undoubtedly make them happier, since it is true that it is more blessed to give than to receive.