Careful! –because that’s the way it begins- … War with Iran?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

After “closing the door” on Iraq, another major objective of Israel’s is progressively being revealed: to attack Iran with the excuse that it may possibly produce atomic weapons (and what about Pakistan, China and India… in which it’s not only “possible” but true that they have nuclear bombs?...).

For many years now the great producers of weapons and oil (both a part of the world’s “great domain”) have been looking for an excuse for a confrontation with Iran, as was the case a few years ago when they used false accusations against Iraq. The oil reserves in Iran are as large as those in Saudi Arabia, perhaps even more so.

Since Israel doesn’t need to talk with the Pentagon to convince them, because Israel is in the Pentagon, there’s concern that something similar to the events of 2003 may occur: more and more news will be reported about the sinister intentions of the governments of these countries until it is finally decided to launch a military invasion, without the authorization of the Security Council.

But in 2011 or 2012 things won’t be the same as in 2003 when people were passive, frightened and silent spectators. Now millions of people in cyberspace will show their opposition.

All of us together can shortly put an end to these intolerable abuses for which rarely anyone is held accountable: deaths, disabilities, displaced peoples…

The voice of the peoples will become an invincible force…

A news item published on November 14 read: “The United States says that support is growing for military intervention in Iran”… “Israel has indicated that it may attack Iran on its own accord”… (“El País”, 10 November 2011).

“Iran’s nuclear challenge advances and the international community is powerless to respond… The best possible option would be an Arab air attack, led by the Saudis” (“ABC”, 13 November).

“London is preparing to assist in an attack on Iran… The United Kingdom would contribute planes and Tomahawk missiles on ships and submarines” (“Público”, 4 November).

And Israel has once again warned of the threat of Iran… “an enormous danger for the entire region”…

And, thus, while the magnates of the war business rub their hands with glee, thousands of people continue to struggle in the dirtiest and most merciless of all deadly wars: the war against hunger…

But this is of no concern to those who permanently support war (“If you want peace, prepare for war”)… For them, these are merely “collateral effects”.

No: the people should no longer allow this sinister abuse of power. We can no longer continue as mere spectators. The time to raise our voices has arrived.

The G8… G20 (the world’s wealthiest nations) have proved themselves incapable of world governance, including the economy. It is essential and urgent to re-found the United Nations. Only multilateralism can prevent armed conflict through dialogue and mediation, proceeding immediately to regulate and then ban atomic weapons. Mankind should not have to live even one more day under the threat of nuclear war. It is like dying from hunger, a collective shame. These are our real problems and not the speculative stock market fluctuations… these are the problems that affect humanity as a whole. These are our real challenges.