Stop the war in Libya and procure a truce in Yemen and Syria, while unanimously endorsing the United Nations as sole negotiator

Friday, July 15, 2011

Syria, Yemen… are now beyond the reach of the groups of plutocrats that decided to attack Libya for reasons that no longer seem to matter.

Neither is the present United Nations efficient, being used sporadically to their convenience by the same States that for years have alienated and weakened the UN.

On many occasions I have written that it is urgent to “re-found” a united United Nations, with weighted representation in the General Assembly (50% States; 25% institutions; 25% civil society), as well as in the Security Council (for Conflicts and Catastrophes); a Health and Environmental Security Council; and a Socio-Economic Security Council...

But until an Extraordinary General Constituent Assembly is decisively convened, it is now extremely urgent to convene all countries to grant the United Nations the role of sole negotiator, to duly resolve the present conflicts that will not be resolved by force.

Thus we must proceed to:

-Stop the war.

-Reach the urgent agreement of all countries to endow the United Nations with the authority to act as sole negotiator in Libya, as well as in Syria and Yemen.

-Facilitate with the utmost urgency the call for the abovementioned meeting of the General Assembly.