"The end of a cycle”... The beginning of what?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Today "El País" published a “special” editorial indicating that we have reached the “end of a cycle”, and affirming that early elections must be held immediately. They believe that even November will be too late. What’s the rush? How can this urgency be justified at home and abroad? With the present economic crises in both the U.S. and Europe, with the markets dictating political policy, with media powers that have fallen into discredit, with G-8 or G-20 plutocrats’ total incapacity for world governance, and with such serious problems in Libya, Syria,...

But above all, what is the forecast for Spain at this “end of cycle”? The same as for Portugal, the United Kingdom, Greece or Italy... that is, additional budget cuts, more privatization, total obedience to the “great domain” (military, economic, energy, media)? What are Spain’s alternatives? Are there really programmes of possible solutions? Because the “evidence” provided by the governments of several Autonomous Communities are hardly promising, given their excessive spending, prevalent corruption, etc.

I sincerely believe that the time has come to sit down and seriously analyze our great challenges together, to decide what can really be done at the local national, European and global levels, free from haste and disinformation from so many biased communications media, and with the responsibility of statesmen representing the citizens of Spain who are likewise citizens of the world, compelled to restore the democratic principles that globalizers replaced with the rules of the marketplace, while for the moment ignoring our differences and ambitions, as with a patient who requires intensive care.

Let us consider with all due objectivity how Spain can contribute to resolving the colossal (social, environmental, food) problems posed at the “end of cycle” of a system that sought to take the reins of humanity common destiny with so much tragic “collateral damage”! And now, as in 1989 with the Soviet regime, it is all coming to a resounding end, without our having seriously agreed on the formulas to apply in building a future to reflect the dignity of all human beings, which the coming generations demand and deserve.

When it’s time to take important, clear and collectively relevant decisions, it is neither wise nor advisable to allow individual grudges to blur our vision of the future.

A global “end of cycle”… And then what?

A local “end of cycle”... And the beginning of what?

To be or not to be. That is the question...