“Adrift, like the Titanic….”

Friday, July 15, 2011

We are living in turbulent times, because there appears to be no alternative to our present course, no other way, no way out. “We don’t have a contingency plan”… And we are progressively approaching the worst stage, of inflexibility, of fatalism. We have to reduce deficits; we have to obey the dictates of the “markets” (and, in that regard, who is actually “the market”?). And we must do so within fixed deadlines (why can’t these deadlines be postponed until the economy recovers, since the present government leaders aren’t usually those responsible for this situation?).

Everything has to be privatized, weakening countries even further and it’s already been demonstrated (and with so much social upheaval!) that this isn’t always the best solution. And the number of government employees must be cut back (but hadn’t we agreed that more jobs should be created?).

It doesn’t matter that some countries have come close to revolution, including a country that until just recently was cited as an “example to follow” in university MBA programs. It doesn’t matter at all. Government leaders can’t see anything other than rating agencies, nor do they listen to initiatives other than those proposed by the markets.

I’ll never tire of repeating that Amin Maalouf has warned us that “unprecedented situations require unprecedented solutions”. But never mind, we are still bent on punctually offering yesterday’s answer to today’s problems, because if we don’t we’ll be punished by the markets.

The “globalizers” –market economy, plutocratic oligarchy, delocalization of production, arms, supranational trafficking, oil…- continue to rale, dominating the scenarios of power. And plans for a knowledge-based economy of sustainable global development; the re-founding of a strong United Nations with Economic and Environmental Security Councils… and renewable energies, now!… are being postponed indefinitely.

We need to “make an about face”. Some world leaders must certainly do so in view of the resounding failure and total ineffectiveness of the G8 and G20, with conflicts –Libya, Syria, Yemen…- that are completely out of control….

Yes, especially in Europe, we have collided with the remains of huge iceberg (the “great domain”) and the Titanic is beginning to sink while, just as in real life, the orchestra continues to play “Fascination” with its persistent and determined dancers… while the ship capsizes.

But we’re still in time. As long as democratic principles prevail, serenely, firmly, over the markets.