More market and less State, the “vicious cycle”…

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The “globalizers” not only intend to achieve dominance but hegemony: the markets, aided by the masses hypnotized by the colossal power of the media, have progressively weakened the capacity for political decision-making. Governments have not only transferred huge quantities of all types of resources to large supranational consortia, but with the complicity and urgency of the “bubbles” and delocalized production they have also ceded, at the national and global levels, executive responsibilities that should be exercised by democratic institutions.

The G-6, G-7, G-8 or G-20 groups of rich countries have usurped worldwide powers and authority that only the United Nations can and should assume, with the support of all of its member states.

And thus, this total lack of governance, completely deregulated economy, irresponsible financial institutions (hedge funds) and overflowing tax havens prompted a systemic crisis in 2008.

Although President Obama had already been elected, in November of that year Europe turned instead to President Bush, rather that finally taking the reins of its own governance. And the result was more of the same –“free market, free trade, free economy”, said Bush on that occasion- proceeding to “rescue” the financial institutions that were to a great extent responsible for that serious situation.

The impoverished “rescuers”… were soon thereafter subjected to the hounding of the ungrateful “rescued” who imposed upon them national, regional and global “adjustment” mechanisms. A genuine “vicious cycle”, since government spending cuts and privatization –leading to less State- decreases prospects of creating employment and economic recovery, while the rating agencies, working in favor of the “great domain”(military, energy, media…), warn that forecasts are (logically) negative… So the cycle starts again: additional adjustments, increased privatization, more budget cuts…

We must immediately break this vicious cycle. It is essential to once again endow State with the capacity for action and the economic strength to enable them to urgently commence the “new era” that the world so justly demands. If democratic governments don’t soon take this step, the people certainly will, since they now have means for mass mobilization.

The time for manipulation, blackmail and fear has come to an end. The last stubborn representatives of this faltering system should be reminded of the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the markets should peacefully give way to State and to the values that should never have been traded for a price.