Teachers, priests… We must separate the chaff, not throw out the wheat

Friday, May 28, 2010



A teacher who did not behave correctly… and all educators are undeservedly criticized! (over 800,000 in Spain).

Priests who have committed an offence… and we rake all priests over the coals, forgetting –independently of our religious beliefs- the immense majority who with exemplary generosity devote themselves daily to the service of others.

The priests who fulfill their missions with exemplary vocation do not deserve this generalized condemnation.

It is the hierarchy that silenced what it shouldn’t have, which did not react by seeking “human” solutions to secular problems such as mandatory celibacy. It is the church of solemn rites and tiaras of precious stones, while they talk of eradicating hunger… It is the hierarchy determined to invade so many areas of scientific knowledge, instead of devoting themselves to the spirit (which is their much needed task).

I am writing this for teachers who don’t deserve a news item that always describes something atypical and unusual, and which reflects badly on all of them.

And for the faithful of all religions who don’t deserve that all of their ministers be judged for matters that affect only a few who should indeed be treated as criminal offenders.

We must separate the chaff, but take great care of the wheat.