Omnipresent and omnipotent "markets"

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

They are winning. “Investors’” steady harassment is getting the concentration of economic power progressively in a reduced number of hands, as evidenced by reports of OXFAM and Intermón ... so silenced, by the way, by many media that, being "their master's voice," do not denounce, praise the practices of the European Union and seek the eradication of "populism ", especially in Latin America.

The United States of Obama is the exception because he did not follow the guidelines of the Republican Party and radically changed the attitude of risen and belligerent hands (invasion of Iraq ...) by the outstretched and conciliatory hands (medicare, regularization of millions of migrants, Iran, Cuba ...).

Without suppressing the criticism that governance deserves of some "populist" countries, it is fair to recognise what has shown in many cases, not only in terms of literacy and poverty reduction but having been able to free themselves from the "vulture funds" and IMF and World Bank (originally "reconstruction and development") institutions today transformed under the order of great economic and media power.

I have published several blogs on this subject (*) since 2011. The urgency has only increased.

Argentina is already "re-conquered". And the pressure on Brazil worsens, using all disqualifications ... as if monetary and unsupportive Europe today could be such an alternative example. An economy of speculation, production delocalization and weapons, will be substituted -because now, finally, human beings can already express and agree or disagree- by an economy based on knowledge for a sustainable and human global development economy. The future must be invented ... and it is not advisable to continue adopting positions of rejection and inconsiderateness, praising instead a system which, we know well today in Spain, the facts belie.

The education level in Bolivia has not only increased very considerably and has reached an obvious reduction of extreme poverty, but has achieved widespread recognition at the level of the United Nations, of indigenous native cultures. Therefore,  the  improprieties of  the  great  Vargas   Llosa -always  splendid in how but deplorable in what he writes, particularly, when he becomes a political commentator- dedicated to "populism" in "El País" (March 6, 2016) do not correspond at all with the devastating picture that neoliberalism presents today and dominates us.

What is needed is the real and authentic "populism". "We, the peoples ...", as lucidly President Franklin D. Roosevelt expressed in the beginning of the United Nations Charter, may already be a reality. Until recently, people had no voice: they were confined, fearful, silent and anonymous. In a few years, everything has changed due to digital technology that has allowed knowing what happens in the world as a whole and, in particular, the emancipation of women, progressively involved in decision-making with their inherent powers; the social context, the nature of work ... everything is different and therefore it is imperative to change. If there is no evolution, there will be revolution. We cannot continue with democratic multilateralism substituted by ridiculous and ineffective plutocratic groups (G.7, G.8...G.20) and ethical values substituted by stock markets.

Real democracy, that in its economic issues subordinates everything to social justice and recognition of the equal dignity for all human beings, is the solution.

We must soon recognize it and act accordingly because tomorrow can be too late.


(*) – “Ni un día más”. La deriva de Occidente, acosada por los mercados debe terminar sin dilación (06/9/11). (“Not one more day”. The West’s drift off course, hounded by the markets, must stop immediately)
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