Evolution or revolution

Monday, May 18, 2015

Inertia, insisting to continue applying yesterday’s formulas to today's
problems, is the main enemy of progress.

The solution -so well represented in nature- is the evolution: keep what must be kept, ethical principles, essential references, and change what should be changed.

If persisting in inaction, looking away, clinging to privileges ... the revolution comes. The difference between evolution and revolution is the "r" of responsibility. Responsibility prevents, takes into account future generations, the use of force is avoided, the word is used and the creativity is brought out the best, distinctive faculty of the human being.

Every human being is able to create and invent, to take the reins of their own destiny.

For centuries, submitted, anonymous, silent, fearful. Now, at last, are able to express freely, to protest personally or digitally, and to actively participate to grant its full meaning to democracy.

It is risky, therefore, to continue pretending that absolute power decides and people meekly obey in the new scenario.

And if the protected inertia, fostered by the Republican Party of the United States, is so powerful that continues spreading the impression that no change is possible ... great efforts to go against the stream, determined positions, courage and temperance to happen the unexpected (as occurred with Mandela and Gorbachev) will be needed. The unexpected is largely our hope. Saying "no" when it is supposed only to be said "yes" and not acquiescing when all consider that no one will dare to dissent: these are the best ways of action.

President Obama has shown that the immense interests that have opposed for decades to "Medicare" could be surpassed with an undeterred attitude ... and millions of immigrants could be incorporated as full citizens...

And Pope Francisco, with a natural and luminous way, is causing a change that may be historic, situating the love to the neighbor, near or distant, at the forefront.

With some leaders of this level and the popular outcry, the historic transition from force to word will be achieved, refounding the United Nations System; and implementing, at last, the great priorities of the democratic multilateralism (food, water, health, environment, education and peace); eliminating the nuclear threat...

 Evolution or revolution. We must put the Republican Party of the United States in its place. And the markets and China as well... As the farsighted Charter of the United Nations starts, it corresponds to "the peoples to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war.”

Since the origin of time, war has been prepared ("If you want peace, prepare for war"). Now it is the time, urgently, to build peace, taking into account the succeeding generations. Prepare peace with our daily behavior. And make possible the first steps of the "new beginning" that the Earth Charter proclaims.

Today, more than ever before, it is necessary to behave in such a way that with an appropriate and timely evolution, revolution is avoided.