Fanaticism, zero tolerance

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

No to fanaticism whether is religious, ideological, sporting... It is the negation of the distinctive human qualities. It must be eradicated. Any outbreak is dangerous.
Say no to Islamophobia, xenophobia or exaltation of any kind. Until recently, people could not express freely. Now they can do it. The time of passive spectators, silence and submission is over.

Especially Europe should be the model in the full exercise of human rights. The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union in 2000, is much more important, much more, than the risk premium. The crisis is not just economic. Above all it is ethical. It is the debacle of a system led by ambition and short sightedness. It is a system that has replaced moral values by stock markets and the UN by plutocratic groups. A system that has been able to invade another country, with thousands of dead, maimed and displaced persons, with false arguments to justify their geo-economic ambitions.

Fanaticism for no one, for anything at personal or collective levels. Zero tolerance.

All human beings should enjoy all freedoms, all rights, without restrictions. Emotion cannot replace reason, cannot invalidate the features that the human species exclusively have.

In recent years, in addition to terrorist actions fostered by the inter- and intra-religious fanaticism, extremely dangerous xenophobic reactions have occurred in countries that should be an example of solidarity and good sense. History demonstrates us that should not be tolerated and correspond to international institutions of great moral authority not allowing it. In 1933, when Hitler wrote in "Mein Kamf" that "the Aryan race is incompatible with the Jewish race", the League of Nations should have reacted strictly and urgently... and neither the holocaust nor, probably, the II World War would take place. But the League of Nations could not do anything because the Republican Party of USA did not allow their country to be part of the institution that its own President had created, and therefore, lacked the necessary moral, strategic and "physical" force to intervene.

All human beings are, without exception, equal in dignity and correspond, considering a quality of global nature and an equal global threat, to provide the democratic multilateralism with resources of all kinds that are needed for this "zero tolerance". It is urgent to refound the United Nations System that allows humanity clarify horizons now so somber, because it is clear that the force of reason will not prevail over the reason of force until we are  "We, the peoples" who have in our hands the reins of our common destiny.

Now we can express ourselves. Million of persons, let’s join our voices in the cyberspace to reject outright any manifestation of fanaticism. Zero tolerance.