Prevent or alleviate human suffering

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

This is the top priority. Research, research. Provide better knowledge to take on the great challenges: health, food, water, environment, education, justice...

My conviction that the collective supreme duty is to ensure a dignified life for all human beings is firmer every day that goes by. I remember in 1956, after visiting a center for children with diseases that cause serious mental deterioration, I felt a so profound shock that I decided to work on prevention of child disability, avoiding pathological disorders that if they are not treated timely in the neonate, are then irreversible.

Today, I just saw a girl of about fifteen suffering from a progressive dysfunction, assisted by her mother and father ... and this renewed my belief and cry with strength: stop investing in very expensive weapons while there are thousands of persons starving daily! Stop space missions on earth while so many persons live in the greatest abandonment and extreme poverty! Stop thinking about the "welfare" of a privileged society when 80% of humanity is excluded! Stop "cuts" in R+D+i, using reference indexes of "recovery" completely unaware to the urgent needs of each person! ...

Think of the daily genocide of those living in inhumane conditions; on parents and families of children suffering from irreversible illnesses ... and decide once and for all to promote scientific development to "alleviate or prevent human suffering”.