No, please! Another Bush would be too much!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Former Presidents G. Bush father and G. Bush son have left not only everlasting footprints of incompetence and recklessness but, in some cases, such as the lethal war in Iraq, based on simulation and lies, of a severe pathological obstinacy.

The hegemony of the United States, with its foremost Republican Party, justifies everything. They were the great architects of the more antisocial and exclusive neoliberalism. It is the responsibility of Bush father, among other improprieties, that the United States did not sign the 1989 Convention on Human Rights of Children. It is the only country that still does not approve and implement these essential guidelines for the radical changes that the world needs urgently. And then, the guardian of the most long-established politics of absolute power, benefited the plutocratic groups that have progressively distanced from "We, the peoples" of its crucial role in the democratic multilateralism, while since the beginning placed the World Trade Organization outside the scope of the United Nations.

The invasion of Iraq, the tortures of Abu Garib, Guantánamo ... sufficiently reflects Bush Jr. His photography in the Azores Islands with Tony Blair and José María Aznar will always remain as a symbol of one of the great injustices to humanity as a whole, a real shame. And then the ethical, ideological and financial collapse come from the 2007 "crisis"... These are just some "examples".

And now the younger brother of former President George W. Bush, Jeb, the distinguished Governor of Florida, where for an insignificant amount of votes gave the victory to his brother on Al Gore? No, please. It would be too much. By the way, about the threat that represents the Republican Party of the United States, especially looking at the next election, I advise you to read the article written by Paul Krugman in "El País" on January 11, 2015