They have been foolish

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

They were very foolish. When all cried out for peace -disintegration of the Soviet Union without a single drop of blood, racial apartheid termination in South Africa, ending of the fratricidal conflicts in Mozambique and El Salvador, restart of the peace process in Guatemala ... -President Reagan and Prime Minister Thatcher raised, by hegemonic ambitions, the "globalized" neoliberalism, and changed the "democratic principles", so well enshrined in the Constitution of UNESCO, by the laws of the market, and the multilateralism of United Nations by oligarchic groups. In conclusion, they changed democracy by plutocracy and ethical values ​​by stock-markets.

They and those who followed them were foolish. "It is foolish to confuse value and price," had warned Antonio Machado, and I never tire of repeating. Sometimes a verse better summarizes a detailed analysis of what has happened and how the situation in question could be solved.

The result has been an economy of speculation, productive delocalization and war and an increase in social inequalities and social upheavals. And has caused the abandonment of much of humanity living (surviving) under all sort of precariousness.

They were foolish.  And their legacy cannot continue infringing the existence of so many people, whose voice should rise, peacefully but firmly throughout the world.  The time of the great turning approaches: let’s re-found a plural and effective United Nations, provided with the necessary human, financial and technical resources.  And let’s replace the democratic values in the core of our every day behaviour.