Nuclear Disarmament Now!

Monday, March 3, 2014

We cannot live nor even another day with the "sword of Damocles" of a nuclear explosion. So far the "peoples" have been silent, silenced, frightened, obedient and submissive. Now, suddenly, they can express themselves freely, they may disagree, they can comment without restrictions. There is much urgency to tackle: hunger, social inequalities, environmental degradation ... But one transcends, one is more urgent than others: disarmament, beginning with nuclear.

A humanity that realizes that only 20% of its members live in the "prosperous neighborhood" of the global village, while 4 out of 5 people on Earth live or survive in progressive gradients of poverty, living terrified because around 4,000 million dollars were invested in daily military expenditure and weapons while about 50,000 people die every day starving and helpless, more of them children from one to five years of age, and sees with great concern how the habitability of the planet, the common house deteriorates and cannot, should not, continue tolerating another day the atomic threat.

Today, without delay, let’s type our rejection on our computers and mobile phones. Let’s get a global outcry against nuclear weapons and all unnecessary weapons and guns. We plead for the refoundation of an effective United Nations so that, at last, peace prevails on security, and the word finally prevails over force.

(To Jean Jacques Lafaye, for his tenacity
and courage in the fight against nuclear danger)