The only solution: to refound the United Nations capable to establish a new world order

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The chaos that caused greed and hegemonic ambitions of a few countries is evident as well as the total intergenerational irresponsibility with which they have tried to rule the world.

It is necessary and urgent to implement the Charter of the United Nations and the scheme of cooperation, solidarity, justice and freedom for the “equal dignity of all human beings”, so well enshrined in the “democratic principles” of the UNESCO’s Constitution.

The ethical, social, political, economic, environmental crises that we are going through are obvious and, as I have repeated many times, it requires multiple transitions:

·        The transition from an economy of speculation, productive delocalization and war to an economy of world sustainable and human development.
·        The transition from a culture of imposition, domain, violence and confrontation to a culture of gathering, conversation, conciliation, alliance and peace.
·        In conclusion, a transition from force to word.

The United Nations Charter begins with a paragraph that, I insist on, summarizes     the   reason  of   being”  of  the  United   Nations  in  1945 -and today- providing solutions that could enable mankind as a whole begin a "new era ": " We, the peoples ... have resolved to save the succeeding generations from the scourge of war." Governments or States are not mentioned but the people, who must have in their hands the reins of their common destiny. And it does not apply, as has been done throughout history, the perverse proverb "if you want peace, prepare for war."  We should “avoid the horror of war", i.e. peace must be constructed. Peace in oneself, peace in getting along with others, in relation to our environment, peace at national, regional and world scales. The Charter, at the beginning, provides us another essential key for tomorrow: intergenerational responsibility, we must consider as supreme commitment, in the words of President Nelson Mandela, the generation that comes next to ours. We must take care of the habitability of Earth and we must also take care of our legacy from a conceptual point of view, so that all human beings, and not just a few, can live with dignity.

The globalizing neoliberalism replaced the United Nations by plutocratic groups and the ethical values by stock-markets. The result is obvious: crises of all kinds and of great depth, in which all criteria are worsened, indeed,  with unbearable inequalities -85 persons in accordance with OXFAM, accumulate wealth at the equivalent of half of humanity (!) , estimated in 3,300 million of human beings who survive (or die ) in extreme poverty; nuclear threat; supranational trafficking of drugs, people, weapons ... ; repeated failure in the responsibilities of democratic citizens  as many of those behave as tax dodgers instead of trying  to appropriately represent the popular will ... Many years ago, in the early eighties, I emphasized that the adoption of measures could not be delayed, especially in cases of potential irreversibility. And today,  particularly in everything that has to do with the social and natural processes, rather than assuming the situation with appropriate criteria and scientific rigor, we are guided solely by the short-term of cash benefits. The market controls all while the habitability of the planet is deteriorating.

Just the citizen’s power, just “We, the peoples…” can put an end to the regrettable world situation and clarify the current somber horizons.

The following issues published in the last few days in “El País” newspaper can encourage our reaction and express our total rejection in a popular outcry, conscience objection and civic disobedience to those who, try challenges and threats that humanity suffers to increase the power of just a few while most of the people see how their material, intellectual and cultural needs decrease every day, despite the:

·        Syria’s secular rebellion breaks
·        Ukraine is sinking into violence” and “The repression triggered a massacre”
·        The excesses of Europe's largest copper mine open-pit” (the multinational companies of copper keep causing environmental disasters... overfilling their pockets and stretching tax havens).
·        The business of climate change.  Enterprises and funds betting on industries that will benefit from rising temperatures. For investors, the key will be in the water ...”.
·         Three years after the Arab spring”... (and eleven years after the invasion of Iraq... in the midst of utter confusion, but yes, the oil fields are already in the hands of the “great energy power” although Sadam Hussein and Gadafi have disappeared).
·         Lights are seen, but there is no improvement in the Middle East": it is  urgent to end with the shame of the" eternal "Israeli-Palestinian conflict ... Only with the authority of a United Nations provided with the world support and human, financial and technical resources, could be redirected appropriately without further delay, the future of Syria, Egypt...
·        Flammable"(the news from Ukraine, Thailand or Venezuela makes ​​clear that history is a constant struggle...).
"59 years of jail for seven accused of inducing a minor into prostitution ..." (trafficking and drug use, immensely lethal, will not be solved the appropriate regulatory actions are adopted, considering them as health issues and not security ones, and stop promoting very high prices, that results in immense dividends.  Because of the existence of tax havens, trafficking will never disappear because they are feed by the richest countries on Earth, whose compass is unhinged by ambition).
·        “Small cold war: the counterattack from Brussels to Switzerland tries
to hold back the populist rise in Europe "...
"Yes to Universal Justice, if it does not affect the friend ... The political and diplomatic pressure prevails on the rights if the criminals are partners. Geo-economics is rewarded”...

The G-20 promises a plan to accelerate growth by 2% in five years, and "the pressures arise due to the fragility of the emerging countries”.

You see: if “One example will suffice to prove it", there are too many. This devastating scene requires, with great urgency, an effective United Nations System for all mankind, without exception. The Republican Party of the United States will forever oppose –as it did in 1919 with the League of Nations- to justice, security and peace being guaranteed by the union of all countries, able to react quickly and decisively when a country turns to violence, infringing the principles of democratic coexistence.

Democracy at a world scale is the solution.

For the first time in history, we can build democracy and incorporate it into our everyday behavior. The time of the citizen obedience and submission is over. We can express ourselves freely and we have to make possible the great historical turning from oligarchy to democracy, from welfare of just a few to general welfare, where every single human being can fully develop the faculties that distinguish him.

"We, the peoples ..." have the word. Just a few have the strength. Let us not be distracted or frightened: the big moment has arrived, after many centuries of shame and submission, in which the word prevails over force.