Iberia… is also in crisis

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What do the fanatical “privatizers” have to say now”? Those who have weakened our States’ provision of public services “in view of the proven efficiency of the private sector”, should now reconsider and propose solutions that benefit from responsible business achievements both in the public and private sectors, with the requisite regulatory intervention and mechanisms to constantly ensure transparency and, in the case of public services, the ultimate control of the State.

Iberia, one of the most prestigious components of “Brand Spain,” is now in a difficult situation.

Use is good. Abuse is not.

Look at those who are now the major shareholders of our former large public enterprises… and you will see that on too many occasions there has been a simple transfer of the State’s economic power to large multinational corporations.

And when disaster strikes… we anxiously look toward the State to graciously come to the rescue.

These are lessons we must not forget.