Eurovegas: if what they are saying is true... unlimited citizen opposition

Thursday, December 20, 2012

On top of the Autonomous Community’s very debatable decision to allow Eurvegas to be built in Madrid, there is the absolutely intolerable absurdity, the “legal humiliation” of unlimited permissiveness, the “lawless state” of supposedly authorizing these acknowledged international predators to engage in activities and actions that all other enterprises and citizens are generally and sensibly prohibited from doing.

How can we brag about the “rule of law” if laws are changed to accommodate this huge international gaming conglomerate?

I can’t believe that what they say the regional and national authorities are willing to tolerate is true... although only a few months ago I didn’t believe that they would respond to pressure from the markets with budget cuts in healthcare, education and science... and not only have they made cuts, but they are also jeopardizing achievements in social welfare and democratic principles.

Messieurs Presidents of the Government and Community of Madrid: proceed with caution, because bowing before those potential profits may prove so embarrassing to a majority of the people that it could trigger a genuine citizen rebellion.

We are already puzzled. And outraged, too. But we are still restraining ourselves.

Don’t play with fire. Don’t change the rules of peaceful coexistence. In the end, those who contravene the rules of democracy always get burned.