A moderate general strike and massive demonstrations: Listen, Rectify, Compromise

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The bad thing about their distorting situations is that in the end they actually believe it, adopting measures that confirm the lies that they fabricated. Much was said of the “right to strike"... and then they did everything possible to prevent many workers from exercising that right. Examples: salary deductions that many citizens with economic hardships can’t absorb, especially when faced with veiled threats that their employment contracts might not be renewed; making all employees sign that they agree to provide the “minimum required services” during the strike...

As a scientist I reject biased descriptions of reality... because they are eventually harmful to everyone. And whether they like to recognize it or not (and as was to be expected and has often been predicted by those qualified to do so) the reality is that present policies will lead not only to genuine economic disaster, but to social disaster as well. Look at what is happening in Greece and Portugal. Please stop haughtily repeating that you are in possession of the truth, that there are no alternatives, and that your roadmap is the best and only one!

Perhaps they still have time to abandon their bulldozer tactics and reach agreements, offering incentives to SMEs and the self-employed... and to offer a plan with clear objectives and bold and effective measures to implement it, including and foremost, the very structure of the state. The Constitution should be the solution, not the problem...

Don’t act upon figures that you yourselves have distorted. Listen to the people. Rectify.