Urgent: Extraordinary Meeting of the United Nations to Establish Immediate Courses of Action

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

For a long time I have been writing about this truly urgent world matter, and I will shortly be publishing additional aspects on this subject. But today I believe I must insist on the imperative need for an extraordinary meeting of the UN to address a series of challenges that otherwise will even further darken our immediate future.

I am going to limit this Blog to reproducing a few newspaper headlines (from the August 31 “El País”) that I believe should prompt a popular outcry in favor of the immediate elimination of groups of plutocrats (G8 and G20) and the revitalization (re-founding) of the United Nations. Otherwise, a global political, economic and ethical debacle will become inevitable. It’s impossible to suggest that we should wait until Obama’s reelection (it will certainly be horrible if he loses), or to see whether Ms. Merkel remains in power, or whether President Hollande stands firm in keeping his campaign promises.

Here are some of the headlines to which I am referring: “Egypt incites rebellion against Syria at the Tehran Summit”; “At the Tehran Summit Ban Ki Moon demands compliance with UN resolutions in order to avoid war”; “Security Council blocked”; “The UN warns of advances in the Iranian nuclear program”; “Attacks by infiltrators in the Afghan forces hit withdrawing NATO troops”; “South Africa prosecutes miners under apartheid laws”; “The Amazon flows with blood” (slaughter of tens of Yanomami natives in the Venezuelan jungle); “Big business under the oceans: exploitation of sea beds” (Europe is preparing a detailed access map for mining, pharmaceutical and energy companies); …

As you can see: without an extraordinary meeting and the urgent appointment of “representatives for all countries” capable of rapidly proposing appropriate solutions for each of these challenges, there may shortly be another enormous and absolutely immoral action such as the invasion of Iraq or allowing the continuous violation of the most elemental human rights in indigenous populations or in mines exploited by multinationals that don’t exactly care about workplace or environmental conditions… And the Syrian drama will remain unsolved. And Afghanistan will continue to produce 90% of the heroin consumed worldwide…

Replacing social justice with the laws of the “markets” to guide the economy has been a terrible failure. As was replacing the United Nations with groups of plutocrats. The moment has come to rapidly change this course that may prompt a global debacle unless it is addressed with determination and intelligence.