Real Democracy, Now!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I think this is the best banner carried by those belonging to the emerging but now unstoppable movement that, thanks to new information and communications technologies, will progressively promote their protests and proposals and, given the number of adherents that they will be capable of achieving, will truly influence the government’s decisions. Distance participation will undoubtedly strengthen democracy.

Democracy is the only context in which it is possible to envision a “new beginning”, a new world era in which governance will be rooted in justice, equality, liberty and solidarity, in summary, in the “democratic principles” so lucidly set forth in the UNESCO Constitution, instead of the markets and the great military, energy, financial and media domain, which through groups of plutocrats presently seeks to maintain its ambitions of domination that have already produced so many negative results.

Real Democracy, Now! It’s that clear. That’s what we have to strive for. A second draft of the Universal Declaration of Democracy has been released. In a few weeks a final draft will be ready, which we may all sign after receiving contributions that may be warranted for its improvement.

Real Democracy, Now! I hope this will be the great banner waved by all of those who from the Puerta de Sol to Cyberspace have filled the horizon with a desire for change.