On Disenchantment with Politics and Obsession with Football

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Feeling not only disenchanted, but also betrayed by political leaders; discovering their rapid and progressive failure to keep promises that had raised so many hopes; realizing the disinformation to which they are being subjected; failing to clearly see alternatives or solutions… disenchantment with politics – and with religion as well- have greatly increased partisan sentiment in sports, scandalously fomented to the extent that today there is an authentic “athletics bubble” that keeps citizens distracted and ensures that they will consider their just social, professional, etc. demands “impossible”.

Uniformity and conformity are almost as old as mankind, having been skillfully imposed by those in power. “Bread and circus” in Roman times so that the Caesars could enjoy in peace the golden heights of their power. It is frightening to see how impassioned crowds of sports fans approve their idols’ immense salaries, while the only thing that matters is whether their team wins. I am perplexed to see citizens screaming and shouting with joy… Permanent spectators.

I also am very fond of football. I have followed numerous championships with much interest. But in addition to enjoying sports events, we have to do everything possible to ensure that so many of our fellow citizens continue to be active, participative members of society capable of mobilizing themselves in favor of genuine democracy at the personal, local, national and global levels.