“Matters of State”

Thursday, May 3, 2012

In the last few years unsuccessful attempts have been made to reach agreements concerning education and the ethical principles that should guide the economy… 

The major supra-party goals have been zealously preserved by the majorities, which have seen how policies imposed by the EU –which should never have been accepted in a structured and efficient EU- have disrupted political projects that, as was the case with the “creation of employment”, have been reduced to pure electoral hype. 

Given the “obedience” demanded of EU member states, it would appear urgent to reach agreements in “key” areas in which improvements can be made in management, but in which in no case should there be budget “cuts”. Health, education and science are the maximum expressions of our so-called “welfare” and should conform the generally-agreed matters of all of the parties and social actors. 

This would then consolidate real democracy at the national level and achieve the progressive elimination of the groups of plutocrats (G-8, …G-20) which, seeking to assume global governance (196 countries), have immersed the world in its current chaos. In times of emergency, the only recommendation is to “save what’s essential”. Let’s do that now. There can be no growth without science. There will be no democratic co-existence without educated people, that is, people who are free and responsible, and who make the dignity of all human beings the focal point of their conduct each day. There will be no social peace if the excellent health system we’ve achieved deteriorates. Health is foremost… 

The risk premiums, the fluctuations of the IBEX… all of this is circumstantial. The only thing that could justify raising income tax and VAT would be to preserve this most important part of human dignity and welfare.