IMF: Senior Citizens, No

Thursday, May 3, 2012

For years we –especially those of us who have devoted our lives to health sciences- have talked of the great advances capable of adding years to our lives, and especially of health in our later years. Longevity was and is the great reference for all of the advances achieved and applied in certain privileged parts of the world. In other parts life expectancy is only half as long! 

Well it now happens that the IMF considers senior citizens a nuisance and that they live too long without contributing, thus having a huge negative impact on the “markets”… 

This is truly an aberration and reflects the ethical, democratic and systemic chaos in which we live. 

What the IMF seems to ignore is that the citizens of the world, and first and foremost senior citizens with stamina, are rapidly going to change a lot of things, perhaps commencing with the IMF, World Bank, the GDPs, large financial consortia… 

We are going to experience fascinating times. The peoples –democracy on a global scale, with a re-founded United Nations- are going to take leadership into their own hands… and smiles (also on the faces of senior citizens) and outstretched hands will once again be the symbols of true progress.