15-M, Now More Than Ever

Sunday, May 13, 2012

It will soon have been a year. 

The number of us who are in permanent contact through social networks is constantly growing. We know that now, for the first time in history, we have the capacity to express ourselves freely. The time for silence and submission is over. 

Now, united in cyberspace, we can express our agreement, our protests, and our proposals. Always peacefully, but more and more each time… 

Everyone from the 15-M and Real Democracy Now movements and the “99%”… must join together to make the first anniversary of 15-M an occasion for massive real and virtual demonstrations. 

At last, in the words of the United Nations Charter, “The Peoples” will progressively take the reins of their own destiny. At last we will be able to play our roles on the stages of power. At last, no longer as subjects, but as full citizens. 

On the day we celebrate 15-M, millions of cybernauts writing “Go 15-M!”. And in the following two months, two or three concrete proposals to offer citizens for their consideration, and to seek their support. 

15-M: now more than ever! 

“Affirmative” resistance, now. 

The end of absolute power is at hand!