Secret Diagnoses? ¡No, please!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Concerning the Bilderberg Group and other similar institutions...

The "distinguished members" of the Bilderberg Group, like those of the Trilateral Commission and other similar think-tanks meet amid much fanfare and luxury, to debate the great challenges of humanity (which hardly affect them)... and they do so in secret. The topics discussed are secret. The list of attendees is secret. Nothing is publicized: neither the conclusions, nor the solutions (if there were any). But what is the purpose if they do not offer alternatives for facing the great challenges?

Blessed are those who not only make diagnoses, but also suggest treatments. Promptly-implemented treatments are what make analyses truly valuable and timely.

I remember when the Club of Rome presented in 1969 the report The Limits to Growth, and a few years later, No Limits To Learning, in stark contrast to the “secrets” and formulas for “internal consumption” discussed in 5-star hotels. The Club of Rome’s reports were intended for the whole of society and reflect its world view of solidarity.

At this time in which we need to find so many solutions, when it is so essential that each human being have confidence in himself and in others, when we need so much light to survive the crises provoked by the immense trap of globalization, the “distinguished invitees” at the Bilderberg Group meeting in Sitges remain silent. I will never tire of repeating Antonio Machado’s observation that "it is foolish to confuse value and price”.

It may be that they truly have nothing to say. But they surely could do much more than they are doing for the good of humanity.

We share a common destiny. The same awaits all of us at the end of the road. It is better to lighten our load, to share what we have. To live for others. I will never forget the enormous impression that this statement (really, an epitaph) made on me: "les linceuls n'ont pas de pôches" (funeral shrouds have no pockets).

I know what is going on and for that reason I must make this commitment. As long as my health permits I will be the voice of so many people who are silent or have been silenced, distracted, and reduced to mere spectators or subjects.

Yes: a resolution to be renewed each day, to refuse to remain silent, although the thunder of the great spokesmen (including the “secret” ones) seeks to dissuade us.

We must resist. We will win in the end.

Let’s live each moment intensely, planting the seeds of the future, daring to peacefully confront the conclaves that are incapable of showing us their “fumata bianca”.

Pacha Mama is calling. And asking for our help.

Oh! In that regard, you should know that the GDP is not a happiness indicator. Friendship and solidarity are. The faceless members of power groups should also learn this lesson. Their methods don’t contribute to putting a smile on Mother Earth’s face.