Pathetic forecast: Republican victory in the United States

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

“The democrats reach late the legislative elections of the United States in spite of the economic recovery.  The republicans aim to take control of the United States Senate in November (“El País”, 10.14.14).

Those who have severely opposed to medicare and to the incorporation as full citizens of millions of migrants; who have not allowed to subscribe -the unique country- the Convention on Human Rights of Children; those who have impeded  that United States supports the International Criminal Court; who, in summary, originated the globalizing neoliberalism that has replaced the ethic principles by the markets and the United Nations by plutocratic groups; those who represent the largest percentage of 85 persons that according to OXFAM have a comparable wealth to half of humanity (3,300 millions); the most powerful military, financial, media, energetic and digital “great domain”; those who continue impassive in favour of the death penalty... once again could displace democrats from the power in the United States.

That is not at all what we needed!” Let’s hope that millions of citizens all over the world react on time and express their rejection in person or through cyberspace.