October 4th, 2014: coincidences that encourage reflection

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

And to give hands rather than raise them. Today is: the day of Hidal Hidjah, the Islamic "feast of sacrifice".
                                                                                              : Yom Kippur Day,
the “pardon day” of the Jewish.
                                                                                              : the Day of Saint Francis
the holy “Pope’s Day”.

The first two festivals coincide only every 60 years! ... Needles to say if we have the holy Pope’s Day.

Yesterday in Granollers, a victim city from the horror of war as Gernika, in an excellent session on promoting the culture of peace and non-violence in the cities of the Mediterranean, organized by the tireless concord and reconciliation promoter Mayor Josep Mayoral, Meir Margalit, a citizen of Jerusalem, highlighted these coincidences and urged, with a superb argument of his exemplary career, to take advantage of them for encounter, listening, conversation...

For the great pending transition, possible today, from force to word.