Oil Exploratory drillings in Canarian Islands

Monday, June 30, 2014

The execution of these oil explorations is not a legal issue. The Supreme Court resolves in its field of competence. Legally, there is no objection.

It corresponds to the Government to decide whether it is convenient from an environmental point of view; if it is appropriate for the quality of the civic life; if it is in favor or against the inhabitants of the Canary Islands; whether it is or not hazardous for the current and future economic interest in relation to the high attraction of tourists and residents...

The executive power should not rely on the proper sphere of the Court.
Everyone must face his own responsibilities.

Why not consulting the scientific community?

Really, Minister, would you say that it is “extraordinary news” to initiate some activities that can cause irreversible damages?  Why to look for black gold when there are white clathrates on the seabed?

Recently, I heard Professor Chu, advisor to President Obama, saying the following:  “The Stone Age ended when there were many stones; the oil age will end when there is still a lot of oil”.