Israel and Palestine

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Peace between Israel and Palestine should urgently cease to be a discretionary option accepted by Israel.  It is enough! Again and again hopes on reviving the peace process have been fruitless. And the Palestinian confined humiliatingly seeing how another opportunity vanishes.

Lluis Bassets in his excellent article entitled “The End of the Street” – “El final de la Calle” (“El País”, April 3, 2014) expresses that present negotiations will end without success -as so unprecedented- and without any alternatives.  The current “street” does not offer glimpses of new solutions right now.

The “quartet” and Blair (how was appointed one of the “three of the Azores” as mediator?), the former protagonist countries of Middle East, a European Union only concerned on the premium risk... walk to fail any other initiative.

Settlements remain......, it continues to be impossible that the United Nations, which gave Israel the condition of “State” in 1947, may do the same, based on a peaceful coexistence, with Palestine.

I had the opportunity to follow very closely the development of the Oslo Agreements with Yasser Arafat, Isaac Rabin and Simon Peres.  When Isaac Rabin offered solutions that successfully culminated the process, a bullet cut off his life.  Like another bullet had eliminated the Egyptian Rais Anwar El-Sadat some years before...

So now Netanyahu could not continue deepening the "maybe final shipwreck of the peace talks”, in the words of Bassets, a popular outcry, the voices of millions of world citizens should spread unstoppable through the cyberspace.

The power of the citizens.  It is not possible to remain as passive spectators.